Our mission at The Roy Evans Foundation is believing in young disadvantaged people and giving them the tools to succeed with innovative education, entrepreneurial development, and community-driven aid.


“We believe in you…believe in yourself”

The Roy Evans Foundation has been formed to give people the tools they need through support and education with both a holistic and alternative approach to create a better everyday life for themselves. We will advance the education of the pupils in subjects specialising in the more vocational subjects such as health and fitness and performing arts in order to prepare and equip the student for their future by developing their mental, physical, social and moral capabilities.

We will promote, sustain and increase individual and collective knowledge and understanding of specific areas of study, skills and expertise. By believing in people we can give them the tools and the knowledge they need to succeed.


We offer an alternative form of education to marginalised young people

The Roy Evans Foundation will offer an alternative form of education to marginalised young people who need to learn in a different way to the traditional education system that is predominantly academically based to one that is project-oriented and provides individualistic tuition.

The Roy Evans Foundation will offer both non and accredited courses and will be focusing on areas that are found to be most engaging for young people that do not engage within the mainstream education model.

We are also focusing in areas that through teaching can bring communities together, whether in the form of sports courses in school holidays that can span through the ages, from youth football holiday camps and tournaments, to working within the community and such as walking football tournaments.

We will eventually use our venue as a hub for young people to have a safe environment to meet. This will work as a training venue throughout the day, but a community club feel for after the hours of teaching.


We intend to provide an alternative form of education to marginalised young people who need to learn in a different way to the traditional education system that is predominantly academically based to one that is project-oriented and provides individualistic tuition.

Production Education

Offer Production Education to young/ disadvantaged people who are disengaged or at risk of disengagement from mainstream education, or have lost their job or looking for additional training.


Supporting Schools & Local Authorities

Provide opportunities for schools and local authorities, working closely with Sefton City Council and surrounding authorities to start with.


Funding & Donations

Development of wider funding sources and opportunities by utilising private donations and specific bids to work within the areas we are reaching to.


Coaching & Development

Coaching can come in many forms, such as the offer of sports coaching sessions during school holidays to communities that may not have personal funds to attend privately run courses. Developing life skills, employability skills and general skills to assist with opening opportunities to people that may not have had this without a form of development.


We are looking at external funding to support this project as well as bids we will be applying for to fund our journey also. Any support you may be able to give us around any of the areas would be greatly appreciated to help us make a change and give people the wings they need to fly.


Roy wants to show young people the belief he was given to allow them to have the best chance of success in life.

Roy “Quentin Echlin” Evans (born 4 October 1948) is an English former footballer who played as a defender for Liverpool.

After signing professionally for Liverpool age 17, he made only 11 appearances for the first team before being appointed to take over the clubs reserve side. He eventually rose through the coaching ranks to become the first team manager after spending 35 years at the club. Roy’s pride in his players, his job and the club were never in doubt.

While predominantly applying his trade for Liverpool, he had a short loan spell at Philadelphia Atoms and later went on to manage Liverpool, Fulham, and Swindon and was assistant manager for a period for Wales international team.

Roy has spent his entire life living close to his roots Liverpool, where he was born and played as a youth for Bootle Boys, and this is where his passion lies within the city of Liverpool and surrounding areas. This background gave him the idea to use the platform he has, to give back to the community that has given him so much and set up this foundation.


We aim to bring communities together by working with young people and disadvantaged adults in different projects.



Our quality will speak for itself. Any projects that we work on will be assessed and monitored continuously. We will personalise all experiences and plan and implement a consistent approach to all.



We will not falter to demonstrate sound moral and ethical principles and do the right thing. Integrity is to be the foundation on which anyone involved in an form with the foundation is to build relationships and trust, and it is one of the fundamental values that the foundation will form.



We will provide serious attention or consideration applied to doing something correctly to ensure that we avoid damage or risk. We will also take time to hear the words people do not say not just the words they do. We will treat every single person as an individual.



We recognise that we are all different. Nobody has the same wants or needs. The understanding and recognition of this is what we will utilise to bridge the generational and social gaps that have been created in society today.


For further information on projects we are looking at, or if you feel there is an area we can work within, please do contact us.

If you would like more information of how to support or get involved with the charity, please also contact us.

Simply complete the contact form with your information.

Please also be aware we may store your details for further information surrounding the foundation to be sent to you.


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